Top 10 Best 2-Person Kayaks in 2020


2-person kayaks also known as tandems are a right way of socializing with your loved ones. These models come at an affordable price, ample space for two adults place a center cockpit for your pets or kids. Share that paddling experience with your partner; doesn’t matter if he/she is a beginner or a pro paddler but above all, it will be the best experience ever.

Besides having a clue on the benefits of owning a tandem, the work comes in choosing the best package that entirely fits and satisfies your needs. Why? The market is quite saturated with all sorts of dealers such that you can’t know who to trust. Worry not we got you here! Read our reviews on the top 10 bests in 2020 and make your brilliant choice today.

List of the Best 2-person Kayaks in 2020:

10. Sea Eagle 330 Inflatable Kayak

Sea Eagle 330 Inflatable Kayak

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  • Product dimensions: 39 by 19 by 10 inches
  • Item weight: 43.1 pounds

Imagine navigating through the cool ocean water in the morning thrilling sun rays with a soft silent inflatable canoe. The sea eagle 330 version offers all that. Weighing only 26 lbs; the kayak is quite robust carrying two adults with a weight capacity of 500pounds. The attractive white appearance adds the fun to all kayaking experience such that everyone around bends there head in your presence. Impressively, SE-330 tandem constructs from punch-resistant ultra-thick K-80 polykrylar hull fabric. Not all, it also features nine-inch tubes, I-beam floor construction plus high-frequency welded seam which upholds its strength.

Additionally, inflatable front and rear seats, spray skirts, and a foot pump is present for providing sufficient stability. Paddle freely in the water with this 3rd class rated product and enjoy all the sea adventures to capacity. Better, the tandem readily deflates to a compact size which smoothly slips in the carry bags facilitating its transportation in coordination to its lightweight. Buy will full confidence when it comes to durability since it includes a three-year warranty cover

Key features:

  • Constructs from puncture-resistant ultra-thick k-80 polykrylar hull material
  • Its lightweight; 26lbs, with 500pound load capacity
  • Three-years warrant guarantee
  • It’s a 3rd class rated product
  • Deflates to small portable size, carry bag present
  • Easy and fast to set up

9. Intex Explorer K2 2-Person Inflatable Kayak

Intex Explorer K2 2-Person Inflatable Kayak

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  • Product dimensions: 123 by 36 by 20 inches
  • Item weight: 37.1 pound

Just like its name suggests, the K2 kayak provides the best exploration of the kayaking hobby from lakes to wild rivers. Inflate the boat with second with the including intex high output through the two Boston valve on either side. Not only inflation but also deflation is a breeze too. When it comes to its construction, it’s durable! Intex Explorer 2-person kayak engineers from the rugged vinyl material; it’s water-proof and puncture resistant. Moreover, the inflatable I-beam floor facilities its rigidity and comfort.

What’s more? K2 features adjustable inflatable rear and front seats with integrating backrest setting a comfortable sitting position plus a removable skeg giving the entire boat directional stability. Also, user convenience is set a priority in that, grab lines and handle features on either side. In accessory kit we got two 86″ aluminum oars and repair box.

Key features:

  • Material usage: rugged vinyl
  • Has two adjustable front and rear seat with backrest
  • Extra accessory includes; two 86″ aluminum oars, intex high output pump, repair kit
  • Features a removable skeg
  • Has Boston Valves on both side
  • 400lbs load capacity

8. Intex Challenger K2 Kayak

Intex Challenger K2 Kayak

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  • Product dimensions: 12.5 by 23.1 by 16.2 inches
  • Item weight: 35 pounds

Technology advancement by the intex industries, the challenger K2 is a fun and sporty 2 person kayak. The version engineers from the quality super-touch vinyl material; puncture-proof and UV resistant, thus giving 100% lifetime durable performance. Selling at a pocket-friendly price, this shouldn’t despair you making it your prime choice, no! The package comes with millions of advantages. With a streamlined body design, paddling gets more comfortable and faster through the water. Impressively, challenger K2 features a bright green shade plus sporty graphics that enhance its visibility for your safety while deep in the lake. Inflate /deflate within minutes via the side valve with the high output pump thus no ore sweating. Not all, the kayak has a roomy cockpit with two comfortable seats and backrests. Improve its rigidity with the I-beam inflatable floor construction plus for your convenience, the side grab line and grab handle do the work. Extra features include; two 86″ aluminum oars, repair kit and has a maximum 400lbs load capacity.

Key features:

  • Has a streamlined body design
  • Its bright green with sporty graphics
  • Spacious, comfortable cockpit and two inflatable front/rear seats with backrest
  • Maximum carry capacity of 400lbs
  • Ideal for small water bodies; lakes and mild rivers
  • Constructs from durable anti-UV resistant super-tough Vinyl

7. Lifetime Manda Tandem Sit On Top Kayak

Lifetime Manda Tandem Sit On Top Kayak

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  • Product dimensions: 120 by 19 by 36 inches
  • Item weight: 60 pounds

The lifetime tandem is a premium product worth your considerations. The kayak feature with bright shades that enhances your visibility while far in the lake or sea water. Weighing only 60lbs, carry it’s with your anytime and anywhere you wish to go effortlessly. Better, unlike some of its close rivals, the lifetime versions has an ultra-extra- large space measuring 10 feet long plus have an extra seat thus will hold even three adults simultaneously.

Save money and energy as well paddling with your partners on this fantastic boat. What’s unique about it? The sit on top kayak model features several footrest positions, therefore, anyone using it while feeling comfortable equally regardless of their leg sizes. Additionally, we got dirty trays present thus more trashing your tandem or like some people opt to do, they litter the water instead; this is awful since you are a contributor to water pollution. More, it integrates shock cord which you can use to fasten those loose items while engineering with a hull design its stability and comfortability isn’t guesswork.

Key features:

  • Use as a two or three person tandem
  • Includes a shock cord straps and ditty trays
  • It’s 10ft thus a sizeable and comfortable cockpit
  • Have multiple footrest positions
  • Withstand up to 500lbs heavyweights.
  • Hull design improve its stability and tracking

6. Sevylor Coleman Colorado 2-Person Kayak

Sevylor Coleman Colorado 2-Person Kayak

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  • Product Dimensions: 30.1 by11.6 by19.2 inches
  • Item weight: 41.2 pounds

Do you love doing fishing? Does your current boat limit your speed and comfortability the entire fishing time? Okay, suffer no more, we got you a solution at the Sevylor Coleman Colorado 2-person fishing kayak. With an 18-gauged rugged PVC construction, this makes the kayak durable to withstand those hard conditions in the lake. Not only this but also the model features 1000D tarpaulin bottom and 840D nylon cover which enhance the puncture resistant property.

Also, to improve barrier against puncture leakage, the boat includes numerous air chambers that will supplement its adjacent torn part. Enjoy a hands-free fishing every time you desire thanks to the quick set rod adjustable holder. When it comes to user convenience, it’s incredible! Colorado kayak includes a motor system which you can power and transform from the tedious and tiresome manual pedals. Extra, secure your paddles when on the motorized mode with the holders and make your entire adventure entertaining unlike before.

Key features:

  • Has a motor system thus increment of fishing capabilities
  • Seats have backrest and are adjustable
  • Features quickly adjustable rod holders for hand free fishing
  • Material makeup; 1000D tarpaulin, 840D nylon
  • Airtight design, multiple air chambers

5. Sea Eagle SE370K-P Inflatable Kayak

Sea Eagle SE370K-P Inflatable Kayak

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  • Product dimensions: 34 by 19 by 14 inches
  • Item weight: 54 pounds

Whether a first-timer or a seasoned paddler, the SE370K inflatable kayak would be your number one choice. The lightweight product constructs from hull 80K-polykrylar material; its saline resistant, puncture and sun proof. Easy to set up, the inflatable kayak provides ample room able to carry up to three people at once with a maximum weight capacity of 650lbs despite its feather-weight.

What’s in the package? It features two 7’10” paddles, two adjustable seats, foot pump and a repair kit. Maneuver overall water with full confidence in your safety with this premium product. Better, the manufacturer constructs it with user convenience in mind. i.e., SE370K feature five one-way- valves, self-bailing drain valve plus two skegs that enhances the kayak’s tracking and directional stability. Collapse it with a span and smoothly slip in the pro carry bags available. The kit includes double handles thus its portability isn’t a hassle.

Key features:

  • Has a unique large space accommodating up to three persons
  • Extensible carry capacity; 650lbs
  • Have five one-way valves, two skegs, and a self-bailing valve
  • Quick setup taking only eight minutes
  • Carry bag includes, its lightweight, readily portable

4. DriftSun Voyager 2 Person Inflatable Kayak

DriftSun Voyager 2 Person Inflatable Kayak

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  • Product dimensions: 10ft by 35 by 16
  • Item weight: 47 pounds

Cruise smoothly over the calm and choppy water with the elegant Driftsun voyager inflatable kayak. Whether in the rivers, stream or lakes, the lightweight, portable boats gives the most thrilling kayaking experience ever. Inflate it in five minutes to grow a sizable 10Ftx35x16 boat while in turn when not in use, deflation is even easier with the double action hand pump giving a small compact 26x16x8 inch load. The product comes with a travel bag which provides secure storage and easy transposition.

About material makeup, the package features heavy-duty tarpaulin bottom, leak-proof double threaded Boston valves and above all, 840D oxford nylon surface covers providing a tear-resistant function. Whether going for a solo ride or with a friend the choice is yours. The 2-person kayak features a rocky profile plus pointed nose bow that upgrades its efficiency on the calm/ wavy waters. More, with high-back EVA padded seat, your comfort will next be at risk. Extra accessories include: removable tracking deep fin, a rear drain plug that facilitates easy cleanups
and a repair emergency kit.

Key features:

  • Removable deep fin, rocky profile an pointed nose bow
  • Has removable EVA padded high-back seats
  • Includes a double action hand pump, repair kit, and travel bag
  • Lightweight (27lbs) thus portable
  • Rear-drain plug does cleaning and draining simple
  • Suitable as a solo or tandem with carrying capacity of 450lbs

3. Ocean Kayak 12ft Malibu Two tandem

Ocean Kayak 12ft Malibu Two tandem

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  • Product dimensions: 144 by 34 by 20 inches
  • Item weight: 57 pounds

Ocean kayak 12ft Malibu model is a great deal which calls; for your attention. Use it as a solo, tandem or a three-person type ( two adults plus a kid or pet) and enjoy the cool ocean breeze. Uniquely, it includes two comfort plus seats that are set leaving a central place for your pet/kid. Plus, there are three well-molded seat wells on the sides, overlapping foot-wells, and a skid plate. These features plus more give the user a comfortable sitting over prolonged hour despite the foot length.

Moreover, Malibu kayak constructs from durable material that offers a long lasting, high performance with no puncture, tear or saline corrosion defects. Exciting, this version features the hull and deck design. This enables multiple hulls stacking thus easy storage on the dock. Hold it by the molded-in handles hence comfortably mobility wherever you go in coordination with its lightweight.

Key features:

  • Features three seating positions; two adults and kid/pet at middle
  • Has three well-molded seat well, built-in carry handle, gear strap, and skid plate
  • Overlapping footrests
  • Hull and deck design facilitate its storage
  • Carry capacity ranges between 375-425lbs

2. Advanced Elements Lagoon 2 Inflatable Kayak

Advanced elements lagoon

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  • Product dimensions: 20 by 15 by 15 inches
  • Item weight: 37 pounds

Lagoon 2 tandem kayak is every paddler’s admiration. Why? It constructs from durable denier polyester with a PVC laminate that improves its protection against puncture and tears. Also, inner tubes feature a high-density cover that resists abrasions giving you full protection and comfort. Paddle in the calm waters swiftly with the energy input with the rigid pointed bow and stern. Besides, the 2-person boat will take the only minute to launch with the twistlock and high-spring valves, unlike those regular models.

Sit comfortably on the high-back seat which besides the comfortable feeling, you will be on the perfect paddling positions. Extra features are, a deep fin that enhances tracking and directional stability, bungee deck lacing plus built-in rubber handle, mesh pocket, splash diverter and duffel travel bag.

Key features:

  • Has one-year warranty cover
  • Lightweight, large and portable
  • Withstand heavy weight up to 350lbs
  • Features twistlock and high-spring valve; allow quick inflation/deflations
  • Material usage; denier polyester and PVC laminate

1. Lifetime Sports Fisher Tandem Kayak

Lifetime Sports Fisher Tandem Kayak

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  • Product dimensions: 120 by 3 by 19 inches
  • Item weight: 60 pounds

Winding; the high integrity lifetime sports kayak halts our summary. This premium five-star rated model constructs from blow molding method with the quality high-density polyethylene material. This material resists any forms of fading, cracking and peeling defect that otherwise lower its functionality. With the hull design, its direction tracking and stability is up to a point. Use it as a solo, two or three people paddling kayak enjoy the water adventures.

Including in the package are; two double-sided paddles, paddle clip, 6′ fishing hatch and three fishing pole holders. Anyone can ride it regardless of their leg size thanks to the multiple footrest positions. Finally, be proud of choosing this version; it comes with a five-year warranty cover guarantee. Thus its performance will never get out of service ever.

Key features:

  • Functions as a single, two or three kayak
  • Constructs from high-density polyethylene plastic
  • Accessories; three fishing pole holders, two double-sided paddles, paddle clip and padded backrest
  • Has five-year warranty guarantee
  • Multiple footrest positions


Before buying a 2-person kayak, considering factors like size, weight, material makeup, convenience and of course price is a must. Therefore, to ensure you have the best package, our top picks featured in our summary above includes all this must-have plus extra functions hence make your choice with full confidence.


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