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Kayaking is one of the world’s greatest pleasures, giving you the mobility to explore the water in solitude with no limitations to where you can go. Ocean kayaking is an entirely different story than kayaking down the river and requires special equipment that improves mobility and safety when out on the open water.

Choosing an ocean kayak is not as simple as picking the first one you come across in your local sporting goods store. Instead, carefully consider every aspect, from dimensions and safety standards to storage capacity and comfort features. Plus, an ocean kayak is a great fishing tool, and most come equipped with gadgets designed to help you reel in the big ones, even on the salty waters. We’ve set out to help you make this purchase a great purchase by listing (and reviewing) the 10 best ocean fishing kayaks we could find:

Ocean Kayak Prowler 13 AnglerOcean Kayak Prowler 13 Angler

For the serious angler looking for a great open water fishing kayak, look no further. The Prowler 13 is a thirteen foot sit on top fishing kayak built with stability in mind. Its polyethylene hull provides maximum stability in any type of water you may paddle into. Unlike most other kayaks in its class its security and stability does not sacrifice any mobility. At only 28 inches wide the Prowler’s narrow hull allows it to quickly glide across the water allowing you to reach your favorite fishing spot in a jiff. Lack of storage is not a factor as there are multiple storage options. A large oval hatch at the back is watertight and features a click lock letting you carry any fragile gear or electronics without the worry of damage to your valuables. A 6 inch round hatch with bucket storage in front of the seat can easily be utilized to hold your beverage of choice and ensure you have all you need to remain well hydrated on the water. A large tank well with bungee cords located behind the seat will hold all your larger items with ease granting you the ability to carry everything you may need for your fishing trip. A molded in seat well with a padded ComfortPlus seat back will keep you comfortable all day, no more paddling for hours will your back pressed against hard plastic. As far as options for fishing, there are two flush mounted rod holders on either side of the kayak allowing multiple lines in the water and doubling your chances of hauling in that big catch. The Prowers lightweight and molded carrying handles make transporting this craft a breeze. This is a great buy for both casual use and those looking to do some serious fishing.


Vibe Sea Ghost 130 AnglerVibe Sea Ghost 130 Angler

The Vibe Sea Ghost is one of the most well-built kayaks on the market. This kayak was design specifically for anglers to have all they need in a fishing craft. At 13 foot long it performs exceptionally well on open water providing plenty of support even when the going gets rough. The unique feature of this craft is its seat. The Vibe Hero seat is adjustable to two different positions that can quickly be switched optimum for critical fishing situations. A preinstalled rudder system allows you to control the kayak by foot saving you the time and energy of having to constantly paddle to get where you want to go. 2 flush mounted rod holders and 4 gear tracks make for easy customization to your fishing vessel however you see fit. The storage options on this craft are considered top of the line compared to competition. A large 20 inch center console grants you convenient access to the items you need readily accessible and is watertight to protect from any possible damages. An oversized bungee system behind your seat is perfect for carrying large items such as a cooler. The Sea Ghost offers all you could ask for in a vessel and provides great speed, comfort, and stability.Purchase

Ocean Fishing Kayak Malibu TandemOcean Fishing Kayak Malibu Tandem

If you’re looking for a kayak that can hold both you and a companion on your fishing adventure then the Malibu is a perfect buy for you. This three person sit on top vessel has a weight capacity of up to 450 pounds. It  has a smaller center seat that is capable of seating a child allowing the whole family to enjoy a great day on the water or for the solo fisherman to have more storage options to carry gear. The seats all feature ComfortPlus padding ensuring that you remain as comfortable as possible. Overlapping foot wells will let a kayaker of any size easily maintain control of the craft. At 12 foot long this vessel will have great stability allowing a comfortable center of gravity and minimizing the possibility of going overboard. A skid plate gives the Malibu extreme durability and protection against rocks and other debris you may encounter. Bungeed gear straps allow for plenty of storage. The deck and hull are designed for maximum storage capacity. Two molded in carry handles simplify the transportation of the malibu. Its bright orange and red design make the vessel highly visible on the water which is great for cases of emergency and preventing any possible collision accidents.Purchase

Vibe Kayak Skipjack 90Vibe Kayak Skipjack 90

The Vibe Skipjack 90 is one of the more portable kayaks of its class on the market. Weighing only 46 pounds, this 1 person sit on top kayak has great portability and can easily be carried by one person. Its polyethylene hull provides superior durability and protection against most types of debris you may encounter. The fashionable multicolored design will have you fishing in style. 4 flush capped rod holders will allow you to have multiple lines in the water at once capable of supporting multiple styles of fishing at the same time. 2 mounting points on the vessel allow for customization of gear. A pair of paddle parks located on either side of the craft keep your paddles secure eliminating the worry of losing them if you go overboard or hit rough waters. The Skipjack offers an array of storage options. 2 sealed hatches with bag inserts will keep all your vital items or electronics safe from damage. A large bungeed storage tank in the back will allow for carry of large items such as a cooler or tackle box. Paired with its lightweight and smaller size, this kayak is equipped with built in carry handles making transport a breeze.Purchase

Ocean Kayak Caper ClassicOcean Kayak Caper Classic

The Ocean kayak is praised for its high capabilities in tracking, maneuverability and stability. It features a large open cockpit that allows simple repositioning of the legs and making sure you’re as comfortable as possible during a long day on the water. The vessels orange and red design gives it high visibility preventing any collisions as well as making you easier to spot in cases of emergency. The craft has multiple storage options for your gear. A large bow hatch grants you convenient access to your go-to items and keeps vital items safe from potential damage. An oversized bungeed stern take will allow you to carry your larger items safely. A unique feature of this kayak is the replaceable skid plate. Most kayaks in its class come with the skid plate already built in but with the Ocean kayaks replaceable skid plate, it increases the longevity and ensures you can enjoy this craft for a long time. A molded in cupholder will keep your beverage of choice at arms reach. Grooved footrests will keep kayakers of any height comfortable as adjustments can be made to suit your desire. 4 mounted carrying handles make transporting simple and effortless.Purchase

Brooklyn Kayak Company UH-TK181Brooklyn Kayak Company UH-TK181

Brooklyn Kayak Company designed this for serious anglers and it is widely regarded as one of the best fishing kayaks money can buy. This two person sit on top kayak can make sure you and a buddy have a great day on the water together. The rear seat on this kayak is centered so if you’re flying solo it is capable of being used as a traditional single seater. Both the front and back seat has its own personal waterproof hatch within arms reach allowing safe keeping of your frequently accessed items. A large bungeed secure storage hatch can hold your larger gear such as tackle boxes. Its top of the line design maximized speed and tracking while at the same time remaining highly stable. This vessel comes equipped with 7 rod holders. 3 articulated rod holders as well as 4 flush mounted rod holders grant you the ability to have multiple lines in the water at once bettering your chances of bringing in plenty of fish. The polyethylene design will make gliding across the water effortless as well as provide great durability. 4 mounted carrying handles simplify the transport of this craft.Purchase

Vibe Kayaks Yellowfin 130TVibe Kayaks Yellowfin 130T

Another quality product from Vibe, the yellowfin is arguably one of the best kayaks on the market right now for both serious anglers and casual recreation. This vessel comes in at about 13 feet long and is a 3 person sit on top kayak with a weight limit of up to 500 pounds. The large cockpit provides ample room for the entire family to enjoy a day out on the water. The seats can also be adjusted for a solo ride with centered paddle mounts. All three of the yellowfins seats are Vibes patented ultra comfortable Vibe Hero seats keeping you comfortable during use. All the fixing come built in to this craft allowing ultimate customization when it comes to what gear you want to use. 2 flush mounted rod holders equipped on either side of the kayak allow for use of multiple lines at once. 4 other mount points on the kayak are in place for gear such as a RAM. The yellowfin has more than enough storage with plenty of options. 2 sealed hatches with bag inserts will keep personal items safe and a large bungeed tank is capable of holding your larger items. The yellowfin is the best you can get when looking for ultimate design and stability in a fishing kayak.Purchase



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