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First came kayak fishing as a draft of fresh air that helped modernize the good old canoe and pier based fishing. Now, the versatility of kayaking has spread over other river and lake sports.

After all, there are many types of lunch lurking around the lake, and not just beneath it. Kayak hunting is now promising to expand the market and bring a new wave of people to share the hobby with. These are the best hunting kayaks to use for recreational or professional use.

VIBE Sea GhostVIBE Sea Ghost

The sit-on-top VIBE Sea Ghost is usually marketed as a saltwater-resistant fishing kayak, but it doubles as a hunting kayak perfectly.

Large, wide, and stable, the Sea Ghost offers a solid piece of boat from which to shoot at whatever comes your way. Its superior tracking means that you can also stalk your prey silently and accurately for several miles.

Its crafter, VIBE, is an up-and-coming adventure gear maker that understands that accuracy requires an edge of convenience. That is why the vessel’s multiple mounts and accessories, even if designed with rods and nets in mind, are well-made and easy to adapt.

The Sea Ghost is 11 feet long, 32 inches wide. It weighs 62 pounds, but can carry up to 425 pounds. It’s available in different color combinations, including factory-made unique camo patterns.


Beavertail-Phantom-Duck-Hunting-KayakBeavertail Phantom Duck Hunting Kayak

The Beavertail Phantom is one of the top hunting models from a company that specializes in hunting. This is a sturdy and resistant catamaran-style kayak with superb stability and a practical non-skid surface, which will allow you to shoot, throw decoys, and move with freedom all around the spacious vessel.Furthermore, this kayak was designed for low-depth waters. It only needs four inches of water to float. The back storage cabin is also spacious and will fit all your gear without feeling like you’re playing Tetris. Add some of Beavertail’s own pit covers or ammo racks, which are available from the seller, and you get a little sailing tank.

The Beavertail Phantom is 9 feet long, 32 inches wide, and weighs 55 pounds. It has a total carrying capacity of 365 pounds.


Malibu X-FactorMalibu X-Factor

Malibu calls its 2-person sit-on-top X-Factor the “pickup truck” of kayaks, and thanks to its resilient materials, solid construction, and huge carrying capacity, the nickname feels very appropriate.Thanks to its chops, this is a very stable kayak that can keep you on your feet even through choppy, rough waters. Seawater resistant by design, the X-Factor provides a very smooth sail while on a lake. The interior layout is very organized, with cup holders, ammo cases, and a 4-point rear hatch.

At 14.4 feet long, 33 inches wide, and has a total capacity of 550 pounds, the X-Factor is heavy: it weighs 97 pounds – so you will want the second person around to help you carry it!


Feelfree Lure 11.5Feelfree Lure 11.1

Type: Sit on top kayakHere’s another fishing model that performs very well when chasing life on the surface of a lake. The Lure sit-on-top kayak is wider than average. If you’re looking for a kayak where you can move around without capsizing or catching any duck’s attention, this is a perfect choice.

In addition, the Lure has a big, comfy and adjustable seat that can easily come out if you ever want to maximize the amount of available space. Not that capacity is tight by any means. The Lure is spacious enough to compete with many canoes. A good sonar and tracking pod round out this great hunter-friendly kayak.

The Feelfree Lure weighs 74 pounds, but can carry up to 425. It’s 11.5 feet long and 34 inches wide.


Native Watercraft Slayer PropelNative Watercraft Slayer Propel

The name of this kayak leaves little room to doubt their manufacturer’s intentions. The Slayer Propel is a well-rounded, resistant option for those who need to be able to move around quietly, paddle their way to lost corners, and abruptly start a thrilling chase.Native Watercraft is a hunter’s favorite brand thanks to their attention to detail. This shows greatly around the sit-on-top Slayer, where nothing was skimped in the name of versatility. The kayak comes with an easy-to-switch double pedal mechanism. The paddles are also light, silent, and padded, so they won’t detract any attention from your rifle or bait.

The Slayer Propel is a relatively small kayak as it’s only 10 feet long and weighs 62 pounds. However, it can carry up to 400 pounds — enough for a bountiful harvest.


NuCanoe PursuitNuCanoe Pursuit

Open space is a highly sought-after quality in hunting kayaks, and NuCanoe doesn’t believe this should come at the expense of somewhere to sit. The sit-on-top Pursuit has, therefore, a rotating back seat that still provides plenty of space across most of the hull.Stable and quick, the Pursuit feels just at home in shallow waters and deep lakes alike. Internal holders and a spacious dry box all find their place alongside a wide hull that you can rig up whichever way you prefer. This kayak is also fully compatible with any of NuCanoe’s waterfowl camo covers.

This kayak is 11.feet long, 35 inches wide, and weighs just under 82 pounds.


VIBE Skipjack 9-90VIBE Skipjack 9-90

Although small and able to fit just one person, the Skipjack sit-on-top kayak makes it very easy to go unnoticed by the riverside. It was meant to pack as many accessories as possible — and since VIBE’s hunting gear is renowned for their durability and smart design, the end result puts everything you need within hand’s reach.Storage is plentiful inside the Skipjack. In addition to wide space on top of the hull, it has two separate water-tight hatches. Their curiously-designed “paddle parks” take up a lot less space than standard paddle holders. In addition, as with any VIBE kayak, the vessel is stable and fast.

Nine feet long and 46-pounds-light, the Skipjack fits in the back of any SUV or even a small pick-up truck.




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